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This is an handmade Idol of elephant headed God Ganesha. According to Hindu Mythology Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati .The elephant head and face was awarded by his father Lord Shiva with the boon to be worshiped first in every starting functional ceremony or worshipped as the remover of obstacles, as the God of wisdom and success. He is one of the best-known and most widely worshipped Deities in the Hindu pantheon and all over world.
The Idol is made of twenty- one lakhs natural Shivlingi seeds. Now the question arises what are Shivlingi seeds?
Shivlingi is a medical plant found in India, China and Us also. Its botanical name is Bryonia laciniosa Linn. It belongs to family Cucurbitaceae. In English, it is known as Diplocyclos palmatus, Lollipop climber, and Native bryony. In Ayurveda (Ancient Indian medical science) it is known as many names like Shivlingi (The seeds of it resemble to the shape of male and female genitals), Shivmallika (Shiva-Parvati), Amrita (Nectar), Ishwari (Goddess) and Swayambhu (Self-manifested) etc. It spreads in rainy season as a creeper. Its fruits are globose, smooth; bluish-green with vertical silvery-white stripes, after ripening it becomes red. But the most significant thing is that, the seeds of this plant are resembled with that of Shivling, (Shivling is part of a combined Yoni-Lingam symbol, representing the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati sexual organs. Shiva ‘linga’ means the phallic emblem of Shiva ‘symbol’ or ‘sign.’ It is the visible symbols of the supreme being), that is why Ayuerveda has named it Shivlingi .These Shivlingi seeds have unique characteristics of positive energy flow (Proved by Aura Test). The size of Shivlingi seeds are 5.5 mm in length, 3.5 mm in width and 3.5mm in height.
The inner part of this idol is made of a mixture of gum and powder form of nineteen lakhs Shivlingi seeds and is shaped in the form of Lord Ganesha (Photo is being attached). Approximately two lakhs seeds are fixed by gum on the exterior part of this idol. The Idol has been encircled with Shivlingi seeds & these seeds have been managed and fixed very beautifully.
Lord Ganesha sitting on lotus bearing the very attractive dress having his arms mace in upper right hand and axe in the left to save is devotees from evil instinct, devils, and in the lower right hand award blessings of happiness to human beings and in the lower left keeping sweet.
All the ornamental work (crown, garland, bracelet, armlet, girdle) on the Idol is very extraordinary, selection in color of Shivlingi seeds and there setting management are so nice, that the word can’t paint the beauty and extraordinariness of this remarkable Idol of Lord Ganesha. Total work has been completed by Shivlingi seeds and gum only.
Mouse sitting in lower left side having sweet in the hand is used to ride by Lord Ganesha (According to Hindu Mythology).
The Idol is an unique combination of Art and Mythology. All the seeds used are of natural colors because all the seeds are taken from different stages of the fruit of Shivlingi plant.
According to Hindu mythology Lord Ganesha is the virtual son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the Shivlingi seeds are resembled with that of Shivling (Shiv Parvati sexual organs). Therefore this seeds was used to make Idol of Lord Ganesha.
It is evident from the photographs of Lord Ganesha that it is very fine work of art crafted in complete shape of Lord Ganesha .Earlier so many Idols have been made by different artists by using different materials but this is the first ever created unique work of Shivlingi seeds in symmetrical shape.
There is no exaggeration to say that it is the first unique creation in the world having twenty -one lakhs Shivlingi seeds representing Indian culture and Mythological approach in the history for the first time.
It is work art created by myself(Jagjit Singh Chhabra) from March 2003 to July 2007.It took me more than four years to complete this Idol.The Idol is 36 inches in height and 27 inches in width.

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